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The first time we experienced this we did a 'Natural' swim at Dolphin's Plus on Key Largo. This  involved snorkelling in a wetsuit in pretty cold water, for a good 40 minutes and, though I ‘Sylvie’ loved it, after half an hour it got too much for me so I had to get out early. I advise you to take a big towel with you and make sure you know the direction of the nice warm showers to warm up afterwards! If you need a float for support you be given one. It was definitely worth going in the cold water as the dolphins came very close and we got some amazing underwater picture of them.

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Swimming with Dolphins

One of the best experiences in the Florida Keys has to be Swimming with the Dolphins!

Dolphins are very intelligent, playful and fun loving creatures so Steve decided to make some very strange noises underwater to intrigue them. Two dolphins came up immediately to investigate. They gave him a most curious look as if to say 'are you completely nuts?'. Now that showed intelligence, they had him sussed straight away! Steve says it was amazing to see right into their eyes.

At Dolphin Plus, Key Largo, FL, you can do a natural swim or a structured swim with the dolphins or even do the Combo program). For further information visit the Dolphin Plus webpage (Click Here)

The second time we swam with Dolphins was at the 'Dolphin Research Centre' on Grassy Key. This time we did the 'Dolphin Splash'.The Dolphin Splash was easier as you only went up to your waist in water. I was supported from behind by a carer so it wasn't as cold and you didn't need a wetsuit. We then had fun with Tina the dolphin who happily came up to shake flippers with us and be kissed. She was well rewarded with fish!!!

The Dolphin Research Centre offers the Dolphin Splash, Dolphin Encounters, structured swims with the dolphins and dolphin-assisted therapy plus recreational programs for adults and children with special needs, illnesses, and disabilities. Visit the Dolphin Research Centre's webpage for further information.

Other places where you can swim with the Dolphins in the Florida are

Theater of the Sea 84721 Overseas Highway - Islamorada, Florida 33036

International Divers presents swimming with dolphin's and/or manatee's, one or two day adventures!

Dolphin World Swim with the dolphins with Keys Adventure Tours.

Venture Out at Cudjoe Key The Florida Keys Useful Links Visit Key West Florida Slideshow Contact Us