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The atmosphere in Mallory Square at dusk has to be experienced. There are many stalls selling all kinds of Art and Crafts, as well as Street Artists doing all kinds of tricks such as lying on a bed of nails, eating fire and we even saw a dog walking a tight rope. The sunset t is world famous. You can almost hear the sun sizzle as it sinks into the sea. It is met with a round of applause from onlookers, who see galleons set sail into the sunset of the gulf of Mexico.

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Key West

You can shop to your hearts content on Duval Street. There are plenty of great clothes, gifts, souvenirs and you can learn to barter to get the best deal (the shop assistants can be real charmers!) There is a great butterfly shop which is worth a visit. Though not all that cheap, the butterflies on sale in Display cases are really pretty (and they say they have lived a good and happy life on the butterfly farms before they died naturally, and if you believe that you believe anything!). There are all the usual large stores in near Key West.

Duval Street

Sloppy Joes Bar

You can enjoy a nice meal in one of the many restaurants on Duval Street, and then stay on to enjoy the pubs, and clubs and nightlife if the fancy takes you. You can leave the vibrant bars and restaurants of Duval Street and make your way through the back streets, steeped with the history of smugglers and pirates, walking through palm trees and banyans, you can still feel their presence. No wonder Ernest Hemmingway moved to this place, this island paradise on earth. You may even spot a Hemmingway cat, famous for their six toes on each from paw, see a man walking down the Street with a parrot on his shoulder, or hear many a cockerel crowing!

In December be sure not to miss the Christmas Parade down Duval Street, it's lots of fun.

Christmas Parade & Fantasy Fest

Fantasy Fest which takes place in October, is another whole Story entirely! A real gay community celebration, with street parades, body painting, parties through the night. Girls get Fantasy Fest Beads thrown to them in the crowd, if they are a little bit naughty. I will leave the rest to your imagination! To read more about Fantasy Fest, and all that goes on Click Here . It is hugely popular and pretty wild!

The Beaches at Key West are also glorious. You can sunbathe to your hearts content, and swim in the sea.

Also in or near Key West

You can also enjoy Key West from the Air by taking a Biplane flight! These are not particularly expensive and a lot of fun!

You can go dolphin watching, snorkelling, fishing and Guided Eco Tours in Key West. Click Here

Or you can Swim with Dolphins

To read more about Key West click here

Venture Out at Cudjoe Key The Florida Keys Useful Links Visit Key West Florida Slideshow Contact Us